ACMII MS2 Dual Boom Track Drill

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Crawler mounted drill carriers for underground mining and construction


ACM-II Drill

Joy two boom ACM-II air powered drillmobiles are versatile, crawler-mounted, one-man drilling machines built for tough underground service. ACM drillmobiles deliver the reliable day-after-day performance you expect from Joy drilling equipment - above or below ground. These highly effective, yet economical performers are equally at home in hard rock mining, high-ball tunnel driving, and construction work. Both models are equipped with the outstanding VCR-150 drifter - the popular Joy continuous rotation drill with an envious, proven record in high production hard rock drilling.

In tunnel driving or underground construction, ACM drillmobiles have the power and mobility to tram and set up quickly to speed up drilling cycles and hole production costs down. In mining, ACM drillmobiles provide flexibility needed for long term development and production drilling. With a variety of booms and feeds to choose from, ACM drillmobiles are readily adaptable to diverse underground applications.

Built to Last in Tough Underground Service

ACM drillmobiles are built with the same rugged chassis components as the universally respected Joy Ram track drill. Structural integrity comes from rigid, box-type frame construction with heavy steel side frames. Full length rock guards, solid steel idlers and drive sprockets, and wide forged steel crawler treads stand up to rocky, abrasive conditions. Sure-footed tramming power for negotiating rough bottom and grades up to 30% comes from two 11-1/2 horsepower Joy Pistonair radial air motors. The high torque radial motors operate independently through totally enclosed, geared transmissions providing all the power needed for tramming and crawler steering. Automatic, self-adjusting, spring-actuated and air-released brakes for each air motor insure safe, positive control in nearly any tramming situation. When necessary, the air motors can be readily declutched for towing.

Plainly the ACM chassis and drive train assure long-lasting reliability in virtually any underground working condition. In addition, a functional operator's station located at the rear of the chassis provides convenient tramming operation plus finger-tip control over all boom, feed and drill operating functions.

Miner Using ACM drillmobile

Joy Hydraulic Booms

Joy hydraulic booms are designed for use on Joy ACM drillmobiles equipped with Joy drifters and feeds. Heavy-duty, double-acting hydraulic cylinders provide full range travel for full face coverage. Booms are fabricated from heavy gauge seamless tubular steel for strong, rigid support of drifter and feed in any drilling position. This rugged construction insures optimum stability for drilling straight, true holes in any attitude. Standard safety features include spring-loaded "Off" controls. Automatic lock checks in all cylinders hold boom position firmly for setup and drilling and prevent cylinder movement in the event of line failure. Joy offers a complete selection of all-hydraulic booms for underground mining or construction. All are available in 11-ft. length.

The Joy MRB boom is standard equipment on ACM drillmobiles. This mediumweight boom provides boom lift, swing and roll functions; plus feed swing, tilt, and feed extension (typically, 4-ft. feed extension with a Joy 10-ft. chain or screw feed). A unique mechanical lock mechanism prevents the boom from rolling while drilling to insure straight holes. An offset version of the MRB boom eliminated blind spots.

Joy MCF Chain Feed

Available in standard travel length of 12-ft. The heavy-duty, 1-in. pitch feed chain is driven by a five-cylinder Pistonair motor operating through a single-stage, cone-type gear reducer and positive worm gear drive. Feed chain idler sprockets turn on grease lubricated bearings. Furnished as standard is a drop-down, latch-type centralizer. A mid-point centralizer is optional and recommended for feed lengths over 10-ft.

ACM Drillmobile Features
  1. Side Frames - Heavy steel construction with full-length rock guards, solid steel sprockets.
  2. Crawler Tracks - have 11-in. wide crawler pads and hardened forged steel tread links for maximum durability.
  3. Track Take-Up - Simple grease-loaded, spring-tensioned adjustment keeps track uniformly tight.
  4. Pistonair Tram Motors - Two 11-1/2 hp radial air motors provide ample independent power to crawler steering and maximum manueverability.
  5. Geared Tram Transmissions - Enclosed, oil-bath lubricated, double reduction spur gear-sets power crawler tracks.
  6. Automatic Brakes - Fully enclosed, spring-loaded and air-released for maximum safety over the full range of operating conditions.
  7. Gear Clutch - on each drive transmission disengages easily for towing.
  8. Box-Type Main Frame - construction assures stability and a rigid drilling platform.
  9. Operator's Station - with controls grouped for convenient one-man operation of boom, feed, drill, tram and steer.
  10. Lubricator/Air Inlet Fitting - with self-cleaning air strainer protects feed air motor and drifter, meters oil for correct lubrication.
  11. Wet Drilling System (Standard) - supresses dust. Pelletizing dust control system is also available
  12. All-Hydraulic Booms - for safe control, positive stability in underground work.

ACM-II Drilling Face Patterns

Drilling Face Pattern

ACM-II Operator's Station

ACM-II Side View

ACM-II Top and Side Views

General Specifications for ACM-II (Two Boom)
Net Weight

(complete machine)

13,400 lbs.

(6083 kg)

Overall Width84"

(2134 mm)

Overall Length

(boom lowered)


(6909 mm)

Max. Height (chassis)60"

(1524 mm)

Max. Drilling Height, Horizontal Hole14'

(4267 mm)

Ground Clearance12"

(305 mm)

Tram Air Motor2, 11-1/2 hp ea.

  • Model: AMCII MS2 Dual Boom
  • Manufactured by: Joy

  • ACMII MS2 Dual Boom Track Drill
  • ACMII MS2 Dual Boom Track Drill
  • ACMII MS2 Dual Boom Track Drill
  • ACMII MS2 Dual Boom Track Drill
  • ACMII MS2 Dual Boom Track Drill

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