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WORD International Rock Drills
Word International Rock Drills
Size Just Right
    Word International specializes in hydraulic and pneumatic drifters and rock drilling systems.  Our goal is to provide the most cost effective drilling equipment available on the market and the least cost per foot drilled.  We carry a complete line of mounting options:  Excavator/Backhoe, Skid Steer, and Wagon Drilling Attachments available in air and hydraulic.  In addition, we offer a Geothenical Drilling Attachment.
    Whether you are an end-user or a distributor, we can supply you with one of our standard feed systems, or design a custom installation that works for your application.  We offer our systems with a variety of options.

Typical Applications
  • Roof Bolting
  • Drilling & Blasting
  • Dimensional Drilling
  • Doweling
  • Boulder Splitting
  • Earth Anchor Installation
Feed Options
  • Weight 
    •  Feed assembly 1750 LBS 
    •  Mast only 700 LBS
  • 3 Hydraulic Options
    • Large Feed:  12,000 lbs. Pull/Push
    • Normal Feed:  7,000 lbs. Pull/Push
    • Faster Moving Feed:  4,000 lbs. Pull/Push
  • 2 Pneumatic Options
    • Heavier:  4,5000 lbs. Pull/Push
    • Smaller:  1,750 lbs. Pull/Push
  • Multiple Drills (fixed or variable spacing)
  • Variable Steel Lengths
  • Manual Centralizer
Dust Prevention
  • Air-Water-Mist
Blow Air
  • Hydraulic, Electric, or Engine-Powered Compressor

Mounting Options

  • Excavator/Backhoe Mounted Drills
    • Soil Nails
    • Micro Piles
    • Parts Commonality w/ Skid Steer Attachments
    • Easy On/Off
    • Slewing Drive for 360 Degree Rotation
    • Optional Line Oiler
    • Optional Slewing Drive
    • Optional Auger Application w/Rotary Head
  • Wagon Drill Systems
    • Detachable Upper-Body Allows Helicoptering
    • Electric Remote Control Option
    • Light-Weight, High-Capacity Drill Package
  • Skid Steer Mounted Drills
    • 2 Speed Feed System
    • 2 Speed Rotation System
    • Clam/Breaker Drill Change System
    • Drill Pipe Pull Back 40,000 lbs
    • Stand Alone Platform Option
    • Optional Auger Application w/Rotary Head
Drifter & Rotary Head Options
Geotechnical Drilling Attachment
  • Two Speed Rineer Rotary Drill System
  • Two Speed Feed System, w/Double 80H Chain Drive System
  • Negative Brake, Planetary Gear Box, w/ Series of Parallel Connections
  • Clamp, Breaker, and Casing Puller for Drilling w/ or w/out Casing
  • No Lost Drill Pipe or Casing
  • Normal Skid Steer Quick Attach Mounting, Can Be Easily Moved w/ Fork Attachment
  • Separate Platform for Stationary Drilling Available
  • Mounting is Reversible to Mount in Either Direction of Machine
  • Operate on Either Side of Plate
  • 0 - 110 Degree Movement in Mast, w/ 2 Foot Feed Extension
  • For Use w/ Up to 10 Foot Drill Pipe
  • Hydraulic Controls are Flow and Pressure Adjusted for Maximum Efficiency

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