Gas Powered Drill/Breakers

D & L Thomas Equipment carries gas powered drills and gas powered breakers

   We service and sell Atlas Copco Cobra Combi and the Cobra MK1 hand operated gas powered drills and gas powered breakers. Our gas powered drills and gas powered breakers are powerful and portable gas drills to have in your construction toolbox. These gas drills are a self-contained unit, which are powered by a gas engine and do not need a compressor to operate them.  This is a portable unit that can get into places that a traditional air powered drill cannot. It is also great drill for the quick job where hooking up to a compressor would not be practical. The Cobra Combi and Cobra MK1 in addition to being great gas drills have a variety of accessories to complement them. Some of the accessories include a reamer bit, moil point bit, wide chisel bit, digging chisel bit, digging spade bit, clay spade bit, tie tamper bit, tamping square pad bit, ground rod driver bit, and several others in different sizes. The Atlas Copco Cobra Combi weights in at just 55 lbs so it is east to transport. It also runs clean, has less vibration, runs cleaner and produces less noise. It has the power to break concrete, cut asphalt, drill, dig, split rocks and is easy to start. With all the available accessories it is the right tool for the right job.

The Pionjar portable gas drills are no longer in production, but we do service and carry parts for the Pionjar.

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