Ingersoll Rand P375WD - 375 CFM

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DLT#: 2409
Model Year: 1988
Serial # 167901U88-942

Ingersoll Rand P375WD Portable Air Compressor, F6L912HO Duetz engine

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P-375 Portable Compressor
375 cfm (175 L/s)
Tops in fuel efficiency and rugged, compact design
    Smallest and lightest in its class, Ingersoll-Rand's rugged P-375 portable compressor delivers 375 cfm (175 L/s) - plenty of air for sandblasting or painting, or for powering up to five heavy breakers.  Fuel consumption?  A money-saving 5.13 gph (20.25 L/hr) when running at full load!Panel Doors
    But no sacrifices have been made to achieve its compact size and lighter weight.  There's plenty of room to work inside, with easy access through two full-length panel doors.  It's all the result of better design, from Ingersoll-Rand's world-renowned engineering know-how.
    The P-375 is backed by Ingersoll-Rand's years as the world leader in portable compressor progress...and proved out by an extensive endurance and field test program.

Compact design packed with features you need for long-run economy and convenience.

Overall Package Efficiency - maximizes fuel conservation.  Fuel consumption is just 5.13 gph (20.25 L/hr.) under full load conditions.
Efficient Cooling Fan - driven from the compressor end, requires much less fan horsepowerDiagram
Power Source - fuel efficient Deutz AirDiesel engine with no radiator, hoses or water pumps to maintain, no antifreeze, no boilovers or freezeups
Flow-Through Ventilation - keeps the package cool, maximizes fuel efficiency
Lightest Unit - in its class, with a working weight of just 4445 lb (2020 kg.)
Smallest - in its class, but easy to service through two full-length panel doors
Unitized Rigid Frame Construction - gives strength and durability
Track-Tested Tough - the unit has been thoroughly endurance tested on two well-known obstacle courses, to assure ruggedness on the road and on the job
Ingersoll-Rand's Spiro-Flo Air End - with Micro-Finished rotors is virtually maintenance free over its long working life with precision speed-optimizing gears for best operation at full or part load.  The screw compressor is warranted for two years or 4000 hours, whichever comes first
Efficient Two-Stage Oil Separator - has greater surface, for clean discharge air with only 10 ppm oil carryover.  Separator tank can't be overfilled, and has a large easy-to-see level glass.
Air-Glide Regulation - controls output smoothly, without steps, from full load to zero load in response to demand
Monitoring System - prevents damage from high discharge air temperature, low engine oil pressure, or high engine temperature.  Signal lights show cause of protective shutdown; light w/out shutdown indicates alternator problems.

Specifications for P-375-W-D
Deutz AirDiesel F6L912
Number of Cylinders
Bore x Stroke (in.)
3.94 x 4.70
Rated Speed, rpm
HP at Rated Speed
112 bhp
Actual Free-Air Delivery
375 cfm
175 L/s
Rated Oper. Pressure
100 psig
7 kg/cm2
Maximum Pressure
120 psig
8.4 kg/cm2
Unit w/ Running Gear
Length Incl. Towbar (A)
4487 mm
Width Overall (B)
1641 mm
Height (C)
1667 mm
Track Width (D)
1333 mm
Weight, Ready to Run
4445 lb.
2020 kg
Unit Less Running Gear
Length (E)
3179 mm
Width (B)
1641 mm
Height (F)
1230 mm
Weight, Ready to Run
1791 kg

  • Model: C2409
  • Manufactured by: Ingersoll Rand

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