Joy ACM I Drillmobile

Joy ACMI Drillmobile DLT #: AT1002
Joy ACM I Drillmobile
w/ MRB11 Rollover Boom, MSF-12 Medium Screw Feed, & PR55 Drifter

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The ACM I Drillmobile is an outstanding track drill designed and built to provide superior performance in line drilling, production work and development drilling in mining, quarrying, or on heavy construction projects. No other track drill is bigger or heavier, more rugged, more reliable, better performing, more productive, or more versatile than the ACM I Drillmobile. With its rollover boom, ACM I is the versatile, high performance, low maintenance drillmobile. It is designed, engineered, and manufactured to be the best drillmobile on the market.

Endurance Engineered

Operating economy and dependability demand endurance on the job, month after month. In a track drill, endurance comes from strong, well-designed components that add extra weight and strength for tough day-after-day working conditions. The ACM I is the heaviest drillmobile in its class, and it's all working weight. Long, wide, low profile track construction and extra weight give the ACM I Drillmobile excellent stability and balance, in tramming and setting up. The ACM I chassis provides a rock-steady drilling platform for increased hole production, economy of operation, and total availability.

Crawler Chassis

Wide-track for extra stability. A long, wide chassis gives the ACM rollover boom unit optimum stability for drilling and tramming regardless of the terrain or drilling attitude. The chassis is a foot longer and foot wider than that of the standard ACM I Drillmobile. Mechanically equalized track oscillation allows each track to hug the ground independently to conform to the terrain. When setting up to drill, heavy screw jacks on each arm of the oscillation mechanism lock the tracks for sure-footed drilling stability.

The ACM I Drillmobile is a rugged, balanced drill carrier that can handle the toughest drilling assignments. Extra idler rollers and huskier components make the chassis the heaviest and the strongest in its class. The boom pedestal and main frame are located to the rear to further assure a lower center of gravity for excellent stability.
Crawler Chassis

Equalizer Bar

ACM I Drillmobile utilizes a unique mechanical oscillation device mounted to each side frame which allows the tracks to adjust independently to uneven terrain. Because it is purely mechanical, no adjustments are ever required and maintenence consists only of occasional greasing. Total oscillatoin of 8 between tracks compensates easily for boulders and outcroppings when tramming over tough terrain. Independent track oscillation provides solid ground contact when setting up to drill in any terrain. Screw jacks are used to lock tracks for extra stability when boom is extended forward or swung outboard.
Equalizer Bar
Tramming Motors

ACM I Drillmobile is equipped with two independently operated 11-1/2 hp Pistonair tramming motors - almost double the tramming power of most other drills. These heavy-duty, high torque air motors provide more than ample power for towing a big portable compressor, climbing steep side hills, and for quick and easy moves between drill holes. Oversized spring-loaded, air-released automatic brakes are standard equipment for operating safety. The brakes will hold Ram in any position it can negotiate under its own power. Brakes and transmission gearing are enclosed in an oil tight case, fully protected against rock dust and weather.
Tramming Motor
Track Take-Up

A unique track take-up device consisting of a grease operated single acting cylinder and coil spring is built into each side frame. Adding grease pressurizes the cylinder, compresses the spring, and keeps the tracks tight. Vent releases excess pressure and cover prevents tampering, overgreasing.
Track Take-Up
Track Construction

Track side frames are built to withstand the extremes of hard usage for the life of the machine. Heavy steel plate rock guards extend the full length of the crawler frame to provide strength and rigidity and are well shrouded to prevent rocks from jamming the tracks. Extra top idler roller supports track, seven bottom track rollers distribute load evenly to minimize wear. Ten inch wide crawler pads and forged steel tread links assure firm footing for vertical or inclined drilling in uphill, downhill or sidehill positions. Sprockets are solid steel construction for strength and added weight. Even the drive sprocket pillow block is of reinforced forged steel construction and uses bolt-on construction for easy field replacement, if ever necessary.
Track Construction



Hydraulic Oil Filter

Vented filler cap with strainer and dipstick, conveniently located for easy access.
Hydraulic Oil Filter
Towing Hitch

Heavy, one piece cast steel construction for towing compressor over rough terrain.
Towing Hitch
Drill Controls

Convenient to feed. A control valve assembly developed specifically for the PR55 drill is located beside the feed where drill rotation and penetration can be closely observed. The control assembly operates forward and reverse rotation, drill hammer, drill blow, feed advance and retraction.
Drill Controls
Boom and Tram Controls

Operating safety is a big consideration in ACM design and construction. Funtion-oriented, side-mounted boom and tram controls are grouped together for easy operation from a single control console. Tram controls overhang the track so the operator can avoid walking close to the crawlers. Boom and feed controls are arranged for fingertip operation and all controls are spring-loaded "off" for safety. Tram levers fold down to prevent accidental operation.
Boom and Tram Controls
Dust Control

An approved pelletizing (detergent) dust control system including a 36 gal. pressurized water tank, complete with all hose and fittings, is standard equipment.
Dust Control
Lubrication SystemLubrication System

Economical and thorough. Air stream lubrication of the drill and all air motors is accomplished by a unique lubricator fitting located in the main air inlet. The lubricator directs a pressurized, filtered air-oil mixture to opearting components. Oil flow if adjustable and oil is consumed only when components of the system are operating. A self-cleaning air strainer built into the lubricator prevents contaminants from entering working parts.
Lubrication System
Lubricator Fitting

As shown in the illustration, all air passes through a fine wire mesh screen so that clean air only is delivered to operating components. When blow air to the drill is used, air rushes through the core of the strainer and any accumulation of dirt, pipe scale, or flakes of hose lining is immediately blown out via the drill blast tube.
Lubricator Fitting

General Specifications

Overall Width
7' 11" (95 in.)
3936 mm
Minimum Angle, Toe Hole
10 10
Width, Track Tread
10 in.
254 mm
Ground Clearance
11 in.
279 mm
Feed Extension
4 ft.
1219 mm
Tramming Speed
150 ft./min.
45.7 m/min.
Air Requirements, Chassis with PR55!!
800 cfm @ 100 psi
21 m3 @ 7 kg cm2

Joy MRB-11' Hydraulic Boom

The Joy MRB-11' hydraulic boom features 360 boom roll powered by an orbit-type hydraulic motor and has a unique mechanical lock that prevents boom roll creep while drilling, thus assuring straight, true holes. Rugges construction of the MRB-11' boom offers the rigidity needed for accurate production drilling and development work underground. In addition to full 360 axial boom rotation, operating functions include boom lift, boom swing, feed swing and tilt, plus hydraulic feed extension.

The all-hydraulic MRB-11' boom is designed for use with Joy chain feed and drifter. It features quality construction throughout and is completely equipped with controls and piping for location up to six feet from the boom base. Safety features include spring-loaded "off" controls and automatic lock checks in all cylinders to provide positive stability in set-up and drilling and to prevent cylinder movement in the event of line failure.

MRB Boom Diagram

MRB-11' Specifications
12 Ft.
Feed Extension
5 Ft.
Weight of Boom
2047 lbs.
9' 5"
8' 8"
18' 2"
8' 2"
11' 4"
3' 10"
8' 7"
6' 6"
7' 8"

MRB Swing Diagram

Joy MSF-12 Medium Screw Feed

Drill feed is accomplished through a single thread pusher-type screw mounted in a double tapered roller bearing at the rear of the feed. The grease lubricated roller bearings absorb radial thrust loads during drilling and when pulling steels. The screw is direct driven by a high torque 5 cylinder Joy Pistonair motor through a splined drive connector.

The MSF feed is furnished with a drop down latch-type centralizer. The Joy MSF screw feed provides the torsional resistnace and longitudinal stiffness required for drilling deep, true holes in underground mining and tunneling. The guide shell is a deep section, high strength aluminum alloy extrusion. The solid, one piece construction of the shell assures maximum ridigity with minimum weight.

Joy MSF Screw Feed Specifications
12 ft. (3657 mm)
Overall Length
18' (5486 mm)
Guide Shell Length
15'7" (4750 mm)
520 lbs. (236 kg)

PR55 Valveless Rock Drill
  • 1-1/2" - 3-1/2" Dia. HolesPR55
  • Pneumatic Percussion
  • Independent Rotation
  • Fast Penetration
  • Efficient Use of Air
  • Versatile Application

The Drill You Can Count On!

When the drilling assignments are tough, and most of them are, you need drilling equipment that won't let you down. You need a drill that will perform efficiently day after day with minimum maintenance. Gardner-Denver's PR55 is the pneumatic, valveless, rock drill that will do just that. It incorporates all the latest technology to give you powerful, high performance in the hole size range of 1-1/2" to 3-1/2" in diameter.

Look at the benefits...Maximum control.

First of all, you can tune the PR55 to the type of rock you are drilling. You can increase or decrease either the rotation or percussion action independent of each other to achieve maximum footage.

Better working environment.

The PR55 has a muffler that is and integral part of the cylinder to keep noise levels to a minimum, thereby reducing operator fatigue.

Reduced maintenance.

An important advantage of the PR55 is in its valveless design. Valveless drills have fewer moving parts. Less parts to wear out, and lower parts inventory all add up to reduced maintenance costs. Your drill will be operating on the job longer.

Faster penetration.

Keeping the drill operating is only part of the requirement. Penetration power is the real test. The PR55 has a reversible hammer, double supported by bronze bushings. The hammer operates with short strokes...thus, more blows-per-minute and faster penetration.PR55 Blownup Diagram

Use PR55 drills on Air Tracks or Underground Jumbos


We built the PR55 with versatility in mind. It can be used for either surface or underground drilling. Just specify either wet hole-cleaning or dry hole-cleaning.

The bolted-on chuck end cap is standard for either application. It provides rigidity and alignment of the drill shank. We also offer the biscuit-type chuck end for underground drilling, where fast shank changing capability is an important consideration.

The PR55 bolted-on chuck end assembly can be pressurized to keep out water and cuttings.

Whichever PR55 drill you choose, you can count on Gardner-Denver's long history of quality and service to help you get the job done.

Construction B
  • Surface Drill
  • Plastic Water Tube
  • Nonstellited Ways
  • Rotation Air Motor with 10-1 gear reduction, Stall Torque 250 ft. lbs.
  • Friction Free Bearings
  • Reversible Bronze Chuck
  • Positive Pressurized Chuck End
  • Replaceable Ways
  • Integral Muffler
  • Side Exhaust or alternate Top-Bottom Exhaust, 111 DBA at 1 meter
  • Double supported reversible Hammer

PR55 Drill Specifications
5.5" Dia. (139mm)
Hole Size Range
1-1/2" - 3-1/2" Dia. (38mm - 89mm)
320 lbs. (145 kg)
Hammer Air
Rotation Air
Blow Air or Water

1-1/2" I.D. (38mm)
1" I.D. (25mm)
3/4" I.D. (19mm)
Drill Rod
1-1/4" Hex (32mm)
1-1/4" Rd. (32mm)
1" Q.O. (25mm)
1" Hex (25mm)

PR55 Diagram

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